Doing Business With MHA

If your company wants more business, the Macon Housing Authority could be the right place to look. MHA is dedicated to contracting with vendors of all sizes and adheres to firm equal opportunity policies.

A quasi-governmental agency authorized by the City of Macon, MHA provides effective, award-winning affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization programs and services throughout the city. To realize these efforts, contracts with over 150 vendors specializing in fields ranging from painting and landscaping to office supplies and equipment maintenance.

We welcome your business!

Services We Need

Macon Housing Authority is in the "housing business" - but to do our job, we look to local and regional businesses to supply needed goods and services. On an ongoing, as-needed basis, MHA contracts for:

  • Consultants (legal, architectural, engineering, financial, real estate, photography)
  • Office related services/equipment such as temporary employment, supplies, payroll, telephone answering, computers, pagers, copiers and other equipment
  • Building maintenance/landscaping (plumbing, supplies, painting, design/architecture)
  • Construction/property rehabilitation
  • Other services (cleaning, security, travel, uniform supplies, storage, trash disposal and more)

Equal Opportunity

As an equal opportunity contractor and employer, MHA provides fair and equitable treatment to all persons, vendors and partners. We promote full and open competition and are committed to complying with all federal, state, and local laws and applicable guidelines.

Additionally, we encourage minority-owned and woman-owned companies to learn more about our processes and to pursue the various opportunities that MHA provides.