Local Agent Policy

If the property owner does not live in the State of Georgia, then the property owner must secure the services of a local agent.

A “local agent” is defined as: An organization or person that possesses a separate existence for tax purposes. Examples of a local agent would be a sole-proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or trust. The local agent must establish an account with MHA and provide his/her social security number or Employee ID number (EIN).

  • All payments and correspondence will be directed to the agent.
  • MHA will report payments to the IRS each year by means of Tax Form 1099 in the name and social security number or Employee ID number (EIN) of the local agent.
  • The agent will be the sole point of contact for any and all business conducted with MHA.
  • A copy of the management agreement is required. Final written approval to enter into a lease with any prospective tenant will not be given until all required documentation has been returned to MHA.