Information for Families

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply? The Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 waiting list is now closed. Applications were last accepted in March 2020, at which time we received 1,240 applications. The next application period will be advertised for at least 60 days prior. We anticipate reopening the waiting list in fall 2019.

How long does it take to get assistance? The Housing Authority does not receive enough annual funding from the federal government to assist all households requesting housing assistance. Due to the high demand for housing assistance in Macon, along with the scarcity of program funding, there is a long waiting period for assistance (estimated at one to two years).

Can I be assisted if I am single and not a veteran, elderly, or disabled? Yes, but MHA must help the low-income elderly, disabled, veterans and families first.

Can I be put at the top of the list if I have an emergency situation? Unfortunately, no. MHA does not provide emergency rental assistance. If you need emergency housing or a shelter, please call our office at 478-752-5000 for a list of referrals.

Who can I call to talk about my position on the waiting list? You must come to the MHA Central Office to complete a request form, or you may write to: Waiting List, Macon Housing Authority, 2015 Felton Avenue, Macon GA 31201. When writing, always be sure to include your name, address, and social security number.

What the difference between public housing and Section 8? Public housing complexes are owned by Macon Housing Authority. If you are selected to live in Public Housing, MHA will be your landlord. The Section 8 HCV program is a voucher subsidy program. With Section 8, you locate a private landlord willing to rent to you and who will accept your Section 8 voucher.

What if I am dropped from the waiting list and I don’t think it’s fair? Anytime you disagree with a decision made by the Housing Assistance department concerning your application, you have the right to request a review. Simply write, within two weeks of the notice you received, to Housing Assistance, Macon Housing Authority, 2015 Felton Ave., Macon GA 31201. The decision will be carefully reviewed along with any documentation that you provide; we will inform you of the final decision by mail.

Important: Keep your application current! In order to keep your application current and increase your likelihood of being assisted, you must respond to any correspondence requesting information. Also, always be sure to notify us if you move or have any changes in your household size. Write to us at: Housing Assistance, Macon Housing Authority, 2015 Felton Ave, Macon GA 31201. If we are unable to contact you or you fail to respond to a letter, your name will be dropped from the waiting list.